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The sleep patient achieving compliance with the therapeutic equipment (CPAP) is imperative. Unfortunately, our experience has been that 'after care' is weak in most of the communities we provide sleep diagnostic services in. This was expressed by referring physicians years ago and motivated us to create Western CPAP Supply in 2007 an accredited, bonded, DME company. WCPAP's most recent compliance ratio on patients with 60-90 days CPAP usage is 91.2%. That is an incredible success ratio. The national average hovers around 50%. If the patient is compliant and the OSA controlled the additional risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke is greatly reduced. That results in less risk exposure to insurance carriers and third-party administrators for co-morbidities at a later date.

WCPAP delivers the highest quality auto titrating CPAP equipment that tracks a patient's progress via wireless modem and online software which is reported directly to the referring physician at no cost to the patient. We specialize in providing services to moderate and severe OSA patients, the people whose usage and compliance really matters. If our patients are compliant and well cared for their life expectancy increases by five years or more.

Unless you experience comfort using your CPAP equipment you will not experience the physical and mental health benefits of a good nights rest. Your physician understands that Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious medical condition and therapy compliance is very important. We work with your physician to develop a plan of care and report the results of your therapy program to your referring physician regularly.

Over the years our staff has worked to establish a level of service that is exemplary. Our ability to help patients achieve comfort which in turn encourages compliance and life long use has earned us a remarkable reputation with our clients and physicians. Most people find relief from sleep apnea almost immediately with CPAP therapy. We cannot say that we are 100% successful with every client we have the privilege of working with, but if you have difficulty adjusting we are here to help you. We don't rest until you do.

The difference between Western CPAP Supply and other providers is simple: most of our Case Managers has sleep apnea. Our CPAP Case Managers are professionally and personally knowledgeable in the fitting and use of CPAP/BiPAP/RAD equipment. We have tried just about every mask and CPAP combination available, and one size does not fit all. Sometimes it takes a few trials before finding the right combination. If you choose Western CPAP Supply as your provider you will be working with Case Managers who understands the clinical aspects of therapy and also know the personal side of using these devices as well. That is why we would like to help.

Western CPAP Supply is listed as an in network provider for Midlands Choice (Great West, Aetna, Cigna, Coventry Health), Meritain Health, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, United Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and many more.

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